eyebase mediasuite

Webbased, scalable, flexible

Smart media asset management

Get your files in order easily

eyebase is our solution for cloud computing concepts. eyebase mediasuite finally brings order to your collection of images, documents, presentations and videos. Files can be bulk imported easily, stored in folders, contents keyworded, access rights granted to other users and collections of files distributed via PIN code to whoever needs them.

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Smart media asset management

100% Webbased

System-independet media management

The choice of a web based platform means you can work anywhere and not dependent upon a having a particular operating system installed. Simply open a web browser, go to your login page and the power of the eyebase mediasuite is available to you from anywhere in the world. 100% web-based means 100% available, where and when you want. As a result of this most modern and unique software design is that eyebase can be run on any device offering a webbrowser, of course also on iPad or Android!

More Benefits.
100% Webbased

More Benefits.


Small, medium or large volumes of media files, many users or just a few – eyebase grows into all shapes and sizes. Every project grows or changes. Through its modular design, eyebase is adaptable to any requirement and you only pay for the features you need.

File security

Whether eyebase is hosted by us or by one of our integrators, we guarantee the security of your data. Through our SLA (service level agreement) we guarantee system up-time and undertake backups, including off-site backups.

Metadata structure

Each organisation assigns keywords to media content according to their own requirements. In eyebase mediasuite there are fields, titles, lists and thesauri (hierarchical lists) which are freely configurable. Using pre-defined lists prevents keyword chaos resulting from users inventing their own keywords and spelling variations. Optimum efficiency is achieved in the indexing of your media.

Straight forward connection to other systems

Whether it is a content management system (CMS), web-to-print, desktop publishing, cross media publish or unrelated systems like accounting and invoicing, inventory control or agency software; eyebase offers various interfaces to 3rd party systems. Unlike our competitors, we do more than simply inserting a menu item in the 3rd party system allowing it to search assets in eyebase. Our interfaces are bi-directional and inserted intelligently, such that they are part of the workflow. For example in Typo3, Woodwing Content Station, GeNERA from Willmy MediaGroup).

Standard technology

Through the use of standard technologies we offer the ability to integrate with existing IT infrastructure. In addition to supporting the major databases, eyebase is programmed without resorting to third party frameworks (Flash, Flex, Silverlight, etc). We rely on pure web technology without compromising the usability. Fewer frills, but functional, fast, safe and according to the standards is our doctrine.

Flexible licence system and installation

eyebase offers a flexible and transparent system of licensing. From small installations (eyebase SmartStart), through workflow oriented medium sized installations (eyebase WorkFlow) and up to enterprise solutions (eyebase mediasuite) we offer budget-friendly options. Extensions and upgrades are, of course, available at any time.

eyebase is also available as SaaS (Software as a Service): Customers can purchase eyebase licenses in order to have them installed in house or at an IPS site. The installation will be done by our staff (or our partners). As far as hardware requirements are concerned, a standard webserver running on Windows or Linux will be sufficient. Detailled HW requirements can be supplied upon request.

SaaS: Just like many modern cloud computing solutions you can enjoy the benefits of eyebase just a a service. No in house troubles, a maximum of flexibility, performance and security can be obteined with low monthly payments. You may host your purchased eyebase license with us or one of our partners or use eyebase as a classic SaaS with monthly payments only.