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Our satisfied customers

Thomas Gabriel
Thomas Gabriel Member of the board
«eyebase is very flexible and it is impressing how easy it is to integrate into other websites. The team around eyebase surprised us with their know-how and with their ability to absorb the planned concept. Clearly efficient workflow ideas have been made and brought to life in no time.»
Elmar Schmidinger
Elmar Schmidinger IT Consultant
«With eyebase-Video it was possible to implement a standard solution. Due to the flexibility of the eyebase team and the program's adaptability it was integrated into the existing infrastructure and is running reliably to this day.»
Stefan Neureither
Stefan Neureither Marketing and Communication Manager
«eyebase takes a central role as an image database in our catalogue production process. We were very surprised how easy and effortless it was to integrate eyebase with our production software. The positive effects are bigger than we expected. Not only the process of getting pictures from photographers, but also post production is influenced positively. When working with it and fully understanding the possibilities, we had eyebase configured to automatically deliver images to conrad.de and amazon.com, two of our most important webshops. Just that process alone was very work intensive in the past. Now it reliably runs in the background as an automated process. »
Andreas Baumann
Andreas Baumann Manager Marketing Communication
«With eyebase mediasuite we not only have a perfect image and document library in place. Thanks to the e.Commerce and the Web2Print Module, we are even able to supply our european distributors and customers with marketing material, be it printed or digitally.
Orders for printed material are being generated b the eyebase shop-system which includes Web2Print finalization of the orders and even automatic invoicing before the orders are being handed over to the fulfilling printer.»
Cello Duft
Cello Duft Marketing Manager
«Thanks to eyebase mediasuite we can provide our dealers and partners with the latest images and product information. Our requirements were fully met by the implementation of this project. The result creates a very positive impression. The functional structure and ease of use will be of particular importance.»
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  • Rieker
    The Rieker Holding AG operates production facilities in five countries, three design offices, 16 dispatch centers with 20.000 employees. Rieker supplies about 8000 retail outlets with shoes and accessories of their own brands. eyebase collects and organises seasonal product images of two photo studios in Germany and Vietnam. Being connected with the order management system eyebase provides up to date product pictures of oredered goods to 8000 customers. Every day up to 1.5 million pictures are being automatically dispatched.
  • Rösler
    Rösler is the only surface finishing supplier in the world that offers the two most essential finishing technologies, mass finishing and shot blasting, as well as industrial washing systems and in-house production and development. With its 15 subsidiaries and more than 150 sales agencies, the Rösler Group offers an extensive global network that is always close to its customers.
  • RWW
    RWW is a local water supplier being responsible for 3000 km of water pipes. Next to their core business RWW operates the Aquarius Watertower, the House Ruhrnatur and diverse convention centers.
  • Rapperswil
    Like many other municipal institutions and city administrations also the famouse Swiss city of Rapperswil-Jehna use eyebase to efficiently manage and ditsribute media content and to tame the chaos of files.
  • Alexianer
    Alexianer are one of the largest catholic health organisations operating hospitals, mediacal care units and institutions taking care of senior citizens and engaging in integration and youth centers on the German market. 19 hospitals and 27 care units generate an annual turnover of more than 1 billion Euro with 16.000 employees. eyebase found its place next to Typo3 to manage the media rich website.
  • Infraserv
    As Infraserv Operating Company and for Kalle-Albert Industrial Park Infrasrv is responsible for more than 960.000 m2 of business premises and industrial area. More than 5.600 employees generate an annual turnover of 1 billion Euro.
  • PTR Hartmann
    PTR Hartmann
    Phoenix Mecano is a globally operating tech company in the area of building service engineering and industrial components. Leading in many markets PTR Hartmann is specialised in manufacturing professional and well priced niche products which secure workflows and interoperability in manufacturing systems engineering and indurstial electronics.
  • Tierschutzbund Zürich
    Tierschutzbund Zürich
    The Tierschutzbund Zürich is an independent, non-profit, and international animal welfare organisatio and initiated the founding of the sister-organisation Animal Welfare Foundation in Germany, in order to be operational within the European Union and internationally. eyebase is being used to collect and organize media about investigation projects.
  • Balzer
    Since 1872 the company is a leading provider for high end garden and park construction. With its unique GPS/GIS module eyebase used to automatically track, control and document construction projects.
  • TU Berlin
    TU Berlin
    After an international invitation to tender the Technical University of Berlin awarded eyebase with a contract for establishing a digital asset management system. With almost 34 000 students, circa 100 course offerings and 40 Institutes, the historic Technische Universität Berlin is one of Germany’s largest and most internationally renowned technical universities.
    The LSB NRW (State Sports Federation of Nordrhein-Westfalen Area) is the head organisation of 16 state sports organisations in Germany and is a member of the Olympic Sports Confederation. Supervising 18.500 sports societies with 5 million members the institution uses eyebase to administer the vast amout of medai throughout the organization.
  • Aurednik
    120 employees deal with anything that helps development and encouragement of children. Aurednik creates and distributes games, books, creative furniture as well as media such as pictures or movies. With its extensive video functionality eyebase not only manages digital assets but also caters for the distribution of video content to websites.
  • Pentel
    The japanese coporation was founded in 1946 and has been developed to a market leading firm for high end wirting and drawing utensils. The company´s focus on quality, tradition and innovation was probably also the reason to introduce eyebase digital asset management for brand management and market communication.
  • Lech Zürs
    Lech Zürs
    The Arlberg is considered the cradle of alpine skiing. And in Lech Zürs am Arlberg you can experience special moments in Austria's largest connected ski area. The region is one of the most important and certainly well known travel destinations and uses eyebase to plan and organize marketing material as well as organizing their PR and marketing work.
  • Stadtwerke Bochum
    Stadtwerke Bochum
    STW Bochum is a municipal German energy provider located in the heart of Germany with a large portfolio of ivestments along the chain of value creation of the energy sector. Their invements are based on the idea of combining eco-findly energy with commercial profitability. eybase is used for marketing purposes.
  • co2online
    co2online is a charitable institution consulting about climat protection since 2003. With online information campaigns, energy checks, online competitions and product tests private housholdes and their energy and CO2 awareness are targeted. The vast amount of digital assets involved in the process is being managed with eyebase.
  • OEG
    OEG focuses on quick delivery of all HVAC and house service products to your company address or site to ensure that you can reliably and quickly work for your customers.eyebase is being used to manage the vast amount of digital media of their inventory ans is the basis for creating the website, webshop as well as catalogs.
  • Familotel
    The Familotel AG is a union of more than 50 individual family oriented hotels in 5 countries. As the market leader in Europe the company has specialized in offering family vacations since more than 20 years. eyebase is used by the PR and marketing department as well as by all 50 hotel members for organizing mareting material as well as for the entire market communication process.
  • GOLL
    With three locations in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, Goll is a market leading distributor of fixtures, metal fittings and seals.
  • Bank Frick & Co. AG
    Bank Frick & Co. AG
    The family owned and operated Bank Frick from Leichtenstein and a UK Branch has served professional and corporate customers since more than 20 years as a crossover financial service provider. Since 2017 the bank uses eyebase DAM to organize and to structure their internal dokuments.http://www.bankfrick.li
  • ZTM
    The Center for Telemedicine builds sustainable networks between emergency rescue services, catastrophy prevention, doctor´s practices, hospitals and rehabilitation centers and promotes collaboration. Networking and seamless communication in their focus, ZTM aims to also have streamlined workflows with digital media.
  • Novar (Honeywell)
    Novar (Honeywell)
    Rich in tradition, Esser and Ackermann brands make Novar GmbH one of the market leaders in the areas of fire detection technology and voice alarm technology as well as in hospital and health care communication.
  • Newlat
    Newlat Food SPA is an Italian company whose core business is carried out in the agri-food sector. It is one of Italy’s leading producers and provides the market with indisputably high-quality products every day, thanks to its historical brands in the milk and dairy, pasta and baked goods, as well as in the areas of nutraceuticals and children’s goods.
  • Deutscher Volkshochschul Verband DVV
    Deutscher Volkshochschul Verband DVV
    DVV International is the Institute for International Cooperation of the Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V. (DVV), the German Adult Education Association. DVV represents the interests of the approximately 900 adult education centres (Volkshochschulen) and their state associations, the largest further education providers in Germany.
  • Bavarian Centre for Social Affairs
    Bavarian Centre for Social Affairs
    Bavarian Centre for Families and Social Affairs (ZBFS) is a central state authority with responsibility for a range of social benefits and services in Bavaria. Various family benefits paid to parents fall under our remit, as does formal recognition of the disability status of severely disabled persons. ZBFS is directly subordinate to the Bavarian Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Families and Integration and uses the eyebase digital asset management system to efficiently streamline maria workflow.
  • Airberlin
    airberlin´s press department uses eyebase to manage its wide range of media & brochures.http://www.airberlin.com/
  • Heidelberg Engineering
    Heidelberg Engineering
    Heidelberg Engineering is a high-tech imaging solutions company which designs, manufactures, and distributes diagnostic instruments for eye care professionals. The company’s products are used around the world by ophthalmologists and optometrists to scan patients’ eyes for signs of disease and to assist in the management of patients found to have disease. Early recognition of disease helps to delay and prevent the most common causes of blindness.
  • BMW AG
    BMW AG
    In the BMW Group´s historical archive, eyebase provides video technology including automated archival of film.http://www.bmw.de/
  • Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.
    Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.
    The Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth is a unique research institution in Europe. Their mission is to explore the scientific and technological fundamentals of crystal growth, from basic research to pre-industrial development. Their materials are of fundamental importance for modern applications in micro-, opto- and power electronics, in photovoltaics, in optics, as well as in laser and sensor technology. All these applications require crystalline materials with high perfection and specific chemical and physical properties.
  • Haribo
    The multinational confectionery manufacturer is now using eyebase company wide. Controlling media and product data specific to the national branches world wide.http://www.haribo.de/
  • Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
    Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
    The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a political foundation. In Germany, 16 regional offices and two conference centers offer a wide variety of civic education conferences and events. Our offices abroad are in charge of over 200 projects in more than 120 countries. As a think-tank and consulting agency, their soundly researched scientific fundamental concepts and current analyses are meant to offer a basis for possible political action.
  • Ribag
    RIBAG’s philosophy has been characterised by a passion for the aesthetics of lighting since this family business was founded by Heinrich Richner in 1995. Fascinated by the simple form of the neon tube, he developed the world’s first design lighting range using fluorescence technology, thus laying the foundations for a story of success.
  • Chanel
    Chanel is one of the largest and most important fashion- and cosmetics companies worldwide. Like no other company, Chanel celebrates brand management ever since. Using eyebase digital asset management the company optimizes the use and distribution of current media assets from the french headquarters to country offices.
  • Riegler Drucklufttechnik und Pneumatik
    Riegler Drucklufttechnik und Pneumatik
    Whatever remains, will change – whatever changes, will remain. This has been our motto for nearly 80 years, almost as long as we have been dealing with the subject of compressed air and pneumatics. 135 employees make sure to deliver certified Rieger technology.
  • Unifix
    The Italian company founded in 1980 in Terlano is a leading developer of fixing technology. Marketing, Sales, IT and After Sales successfully use eyebase as their repository for pictures and media files.
  • Stöckli
    Since more than 70 years Stoeckli is a big name in the ski sports industry. Today more than 250 employees are dedicated to manufacture top-of-the-line ski equipment and outdoor sporting goods, which are also exported to 33 countries. Just like many other innovative customers the company´s tendency torward innovation is also reflected by their IT infrastructure, where eyebase plays an important role.http://www.stoeckli.ch
  • Messerle
    The company is a distributor for office furniture, office and school supplies. Their range of 18.000 products consists of more than 1.000 brands and can be ordered online, a platform dealing with 100.000 orders per year. eyebase organizes the company´s countless media assets and supplies their PIM, online store and other publications with just the right picture. http://www.messerle.at
  • Seefelder
    More than 200 employees in 8 locations manufacture 40.000+ products such as hardware fixtures and hinges for furniture and doors. eyebase is installed as a digital assset management system with a connection to a PIM system and organizes countless media assets of the whole product range. http://www.seefelder.net
  • Bischoff Scheck AG
    Bischoff Scheck AG
    Everybody knows their cool trucks from Formula 1 racing broadcasts. The world market leader builds special mobiles including motor-sport trailers, horse-trailers or mobile technical units and medical laboratories. eyebase is being used for public relations and marketing as well as in the production process.http://www.bischoff-scheck.de/
  • VSEI
    The Association of Swiss Electricians serves their 2000 members with 32 employees since 1906. The eyebase installation manages pictures and documents for all members and is seemlessly bound into the TYPO3 web portal, also connected to the member directory for permissioning.http://www.vsei.ch/
  • Vigier Holding
    Vigier Holding
    Vigier Holding is the leading swiss producer of cement, sand, gravel, ready-mix concrete and other concrete products ranging from railway to waste disposal solutions. Founded in 1871 and ever since leading the market with innovative products also today one demonstrates cutting-edge practises with the implementation of an eyebase media asset management system.http://www.vigier.ch/
  • Mitchell Senior High
    Mitchell Senior High
    More and more schools and universities use digital asset managment systems. Mitchell Senior High uses eyebase to collect, manage and distribute alumni club pictures. Students are able to email them to the system which notifies administrators who authorise them to be published automatically on different channels.http://mitchell.k12.sd.us/mhs/
  • Kolberg
    The Moscow Bolschoi Theatre only uses the world´s best orchestra equipment manufactured in Germany by Kolberg. The woldwide positioned brand Kolberg on the other hand only uses the best image database system and manages 1.5 TB of data with eyebase.http://www.kolberg.com/
  • Direct Marketing Video
    Direct Marketing Video
    Direct Marketing Video is a service that distributes short video messages to email recipients. eyebase is being used to manage the vast amout of video content and to distribute the clips to a selected large number of recipients.http://dmv.com
  • City of Aalen
    City of Aalen
    The archive of the city of Aalen is largely responsible for the preservation of the history of the city, it also organizes exhibitions and hosts the administration library . eyebase is used for archiving documents and photographic material .www.aalen.de
    The Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club ( ÖAMTC ) is a traffic club that supports and represents mobile people since 1946 . The ÖAMTC had nearly 1.95 million members in 2013 and is now Austria's largest and the world's seventh largest automobile club. http://www.oeamtc.at/
  • Groupe E AG
    Groupe E AG
    Groupe E is a leading Swiss energy company which supplies close to 500.000 inhabitants in various Swiss cantons . eyebase is used to manage and store all sorts of files. http://www.groupe-e.ch/de/groupe-e-ag
  • Valora Holding AG
    Valora Holding AG
    Valora is a retail company with more than 3.000 sales outlets and more than 2.000 wholesale customers operating on a Europe-wide scale. eyebase is used to manage the extensive media collection of the company. http://www.valora.com/en/
  • Aengevelt Immobilien GmbH
    Aengevelt Immobilien GmbH
    Aengevelt has approximately 130 employees and is one of the largest and most experienced real estate service providers in Germany with nationwide and international activities. The company offers its customers a comprehensive customized support with full service range and has been on the market for over 100 years. Their service includes the placement and support of residential properties as well as office, retail, logistics and commercial properties. eyebase is used to manage images of the properties.http://www.aengevelt.com
  • efco creative emotions
    efco creative emotions
    Hobbygross Erler GmbH, trading under the Efco brand name, is one of Germany´s leading suppliers of craft and hobby products. Efco operate from their 11,000m2 warehouse and distribution centre in the picturesque region of Pfalz in South West Germany. Efco offer over 15.000 product lines, shipped throughout Europe and the rest of the world. eyebase is used to manage a huge amount of product pictures. http://www.efcouk.com
  • Koziol
    A broom is a broom. But not if it is made by Koziol, in this case it is a piece of art. Koziol manufactures design-elements for kitchen, bathrooms, living and lifestyle. The company´s perfect marketing appearance is backed up by the innovative image library system eyebase.http://www.koziol.de/
  • INDat Publishing
    INDat Publishing
    The field of insolvency news has its own laws. The publisher INDAT GmbH has known them for over a decade. Since 2001, the company is specialized in publishing information on the subject of insolvency in print and electronic media. In addition to print products and related web pages, the publisher also offers an electronic calendar with important dates to insolvency events in Germany and Europe. eyebase serves the publisher to manage illustration material for all print- and webproducts.http://www.verlag-indat.de/
  • FEV GmbH
    FEV GmbH
    FEV is an internationally recognized leader in the design and development of internal combustion engines, conventional, electric, and alternative vehicle drive systems, energy technology, and a major supplier of advanced testing and instrumentation products and services to some of the world's largest powertrain OEMs. eyebase is used to manage the large amount of product pictures. http://www.fev.com/
  • City of Wertheim
    City of Wertheim
    Wertheim, the largest business location in the region, is home to numerous world leaders and the center of the German laboratory glass industry. All administrative areas of the city work with eyebase to manage their extensive file collection.https://www.wertheim.de
  • HAWA Sliding Solutions AG
    HAWA Sliding Solutions AG
    Since 1965 Hawa AG manufactures hinges and applications for glass, metal and wood products. With more than 150 employees the swiss company is also present in the USA and the Emirates. eyebase manages all production and product related media and contributes to marketing processes by introducing efficiency.http://www.hawa.ch/
  • Spiral Reihs & Co. KG
    Spiral Reihs & Co. KG
    Europe-wide trade of tools and machinery. Spiral Reihs uses eyebase for managing and distributing product photos.http://www.spiral.at/
  • Jelmoli AG Zürich
    Jelmoli AG Zürich
    Jelmoli is the largest and most innovative department store in Switzerland with a long tradition. For its online shop, that had been opened in 2011, eyebase is used to manage its extensive image database and direct feed of the photographic material on the website.http://www.jelmoli-shop.ch/
  • Vorarlberg Tourism
    Vorarlberg Tourism
    21 employees primarily take care of advertisement, public relations, sales support and brand management of one of the most famous regions of Austria. All media assets like 2 terabytes of video data and countless images and brochures are managed in a centrally located eyebase installation with all tourism offices of the region being able to use the installation for a maximum of efficiency. http://www.vorarlberg.travel/
  • Hotelleriesuisse
    A large scale eyebase installation with a SOAP interface to their main website allows to manage images of all members of the Swiss Hotel Association. It will be a showcase for tourism institutions standardizing image handling and distribution to hotel booking platforms. The project will soon be featured as a detailed showcase on our website.http://www.hotelleriesuisse.ch/
  • Hamburg Port Authority
    Hamburg Port Authority
    Hamburg Port Authority manages one of the world´s largest and most important ports. More than 1800 employees are responsible for the operations and development of the port as well as the mainentance of the infrastructure. HPA deals with safety issues of its ship and railroad traffic, property management and all economic concerns of the port. eyebase is being used to manage media files and documents throughout the operation.http://www.hamburg-port-authority.de/
  • DPSG Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg
    DPSG Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg
    The DSPG has been established in 1929. Counting 95.000 members, it is the largest boy-scout association and one of the largest association in Germany. Split into 25 subdivisions it is not easy to manage media assets throughout the whole organization. With eyebase, collecting and distributing media files has been made efficient for the head organization as well as for the participating sub-divisions.http://dpsg.de/
  • Permapack
    Permapack is the leading Swiss provider of adhesive tapes, self adhesive labels, packaging films, sealants and garden products. Around 480 employees ensure that customers throughout Switzerland and internationally receive first-class quality products and superior services. Permapack uses eyebase for efficient management and distribution of product images .http://www.permapack.ch/
  • Lightbox-Project
    Lightbox-Project was founded by the photographers Robert Pichler and Robert May and is an established plattform for communication, information exchange, workshops and exhibitions. The professional Studio is also available for rent. The photographers use eyebase to organise and distribute their work to clients, also an image library accessible for some clients and managed by the photogrphers is being kept in eyebase.
  • Photo+Adventure
    The annual Photo+Adventure fair counts more than 150 exhibitors on 5000+ square meters of floor space. More than 20000 visitors are expected for the 2013 event. To manage and efficiently distribute the vast amount of media an eyebase SaaS installation is beeing used by the organising company.http://www.photoadventure.at/
  • Lorch
    LORCH is the market leading company for industrial welding systems sold in 60 countries with a total annual turnover of more than 30 Mil Euro and almost 200 employees. “We have to exactly meet then needs and expectations of our customers” can be read on their website. It is quite evident why the market leader selected eyebase to be their image database system, as for eyebase the same formula for success applies.http://www.lorch.biz/
  • Academy of Fine Arts
    Academy of Fine Arts
    The Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna holds one of the most important graphical collections worldwide. eyebase is being used as a collection management system as well as a content management system for publishing parts of the collection or exhibitions to the web. this is being done using an eyebase research client embedded in the website.http://www.akbild.ac.at/
  • City Community Neubiberg
    City Community Neubiberg
    The Neubiberg City Community is located in Bavaria, Germany. The city´s slogan simply is "Progress. Together. Living". If one knows that Neubiberg is a vivid place hosting universities, academies as well as major corporates like Infineon Technology AG. Also cutting edge is Neubiberg´s administration which uses eyebase to manage all media assets of the city. http://www.neubiberg.de/
  • ASK Chemicals GmbH
    ASK Chemicals GmbH
    Global player, ASK Chemicals GmbH, offers customers high-quality, holistic solutions and innovative consultancy services tailored to the foundry materials sector. For more than 1800 employees in 24 countries with 30 subsidiaries perfect media asset management using eyebase is able to streamline all kinds of workflows including digital images, video and documents.http://www.ask-chemicals.com/
  • Schley´s Blumenparadies
    Schley´s Blumenparadies
    Schley´s Flower Paradise is a chain of flower hypermarkets located in Germany. More than 100 employees work on a total floor space of more than 14000sqm. eyebase manages product pictures, advertisements as well as data of market analysis that is distributed internally.http://www.blumenparadies.de/
  • Rhenus Logistics
    Rhenus Logistics
    Be it by sea, air or land, Rhenus Logistics connects all continents to one global market. The basis for their success is a large, worldwide network with 24.000+ employeed in more than 350 subsidiaries. No wonder that a highly efficient IT network is needed to accomplish such a task and eyebase is proud to be a part of that by delivering the world's smartest media asset management system.http://www.at.rhenus.com/
  • Diocese of Wuerzburg
    Diocese of Wuerzburg
    Der Bereich Medien ist bei der Katholischen Kirche in Medien, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Redaktionen als Herausgeber der diversen Druckschriften gegliedert. Die Medienarbeit spielt heutzutage auch in der Kirche eine übergeordnete Rolle und es freut uns, dass auch das Bistum Würzburg sich unserer eyebase Software für die umfangreiche Aufgabe bedient.http://www.bistum-wuerzburg.de/
  • DSV Deutsche Saatveredelung
    DSV Deutsche Saatveredelung
    490 employees of the largest German Seed producer are responsible for a turnover of € 153 Mio. DSV ans 7 associated companies focus on seed breeding, production, advisory services and sales of seeds. Throughout the corporation eyebase is used to manage diverse media assets and equipped with several special modules replaced a Sharepoint installation.http://www.dsv-saaten.de/
  • Gärtner von Eden
    Gärtner von Eden
    Thinking about beautiful gardens in Germany is inevitabely connected with on name. "The Gardeners of Eden" , organized as a union, connects more than 60 landscape architects in Germany, Austria and in Switzerland all standing for high end garden architecture. Planning and building the most adorable gardens as well as maintaining them can only be done with successful selling of their services. eyebase helps organizing visual media data for all their members and automates distribution processes such as deploying sales relevant visuals to iPad Apps of their sales staff.http://www.gaertner-von-eden.de/
  • Gasser Holding AG
    Gasser Holding AG
    Gasser Holding AG is a public holding company comprising 11 companies in the fields of construction and distribution of building material through do-it-yourself outlets. The eyebase digital asset management system is used to organise images, documents and video content for automatic distribution to diverse targets such as their catalogue production system “Media Solution” and their web shop system.http://www.gasser.ch/
  • Diakonie Stetten
    Diakonie Stetten
    The service rendering institution is locally organized around the City of Stuttgart / Germany with operative offices, clinics and rehab centers in the area. Through its activities in compliance with business oriented resonsibility they try to locate and facilitate synergies and avoid double tracked structures often found in the health sector. “Diakonie Stetten” was established in 1849 in Riet/Enz and has since then significantly affected therapeutic pedagogical and medical progress. eyebase mediasuite is being used as a classic media asset management system.http://www.diakonie-stetten.de/
  • Kannegiesser
    Wherever you are in the world, from Hong Kong to Brazil, from Russia to South Africa, laundry is ironed by machine and it is done by Kannegiesser machines. Whether in hotels, hospitals or industrial laundries, as the established market leader Kannegiesser products are ubiquitous. All five production locations as well as the global distribution channel work with eyebase. Integrated with Apple iPads, relevant information is available to the sales reps. offline.http://www.kannegiesser.de/
    The corporation Rhoen Clinics is one of Germany´s largest health service companies. In more than 90 locations spread all over Germany Rhoen Clinics provide health services for more than 2 mil patients generating turn over of € 2.55 bil annually with 38.000 employees. eyebase is being used to manage media assets of all branch offices and subsidiaries within one single application.http://www.rhoen-klinikum-ag.com/
  • Malteser International
    Malteser International
    With over one million members and supporters, Malteser International is one of the largest charitable organisations in Germany. Between the registered charity and its corporate enterprise there are more than 500 locations nation wide. This customer manages images of relief efforts and internal image materials using eyebase and distributes the images through workflows to the outside world.http://www.malteser.de/
  • Horvath and Partners
    Horvath and Partners
    As "Performance Architects", we help our clients - major enterprises and mid-sized companies from industry, retailing and the service sector, as well as public organizations - to sustainably improve their performance in the fields of strategy and innovation, process and organization, and control and finance. From now on also with eyebase mediasuite digital asset management.http://www.horvath-partners.com/
  • van Baerle
    van Baerle
    van Baerle from the Switzerland Canton Basel Land specialises in medical hygiene and silicate. This eyebase installation is used for their product documentation and image management.http://www.vanbaerle.com/
  • Richard Tanzer
    Richard Tanzer
    Highly acclaimed photographer of Austrian celebs: art, people and events from Richard Tanzer.http://www.richardtanzer.com/
  • Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat München
    Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat München
    The Archbishop of Munich (Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat München) has installed eyebase mediasuite with all media modules: images, documents, video and audio files.http://www.erzbistum-muenchen.de/default.aspx
  • Pfennigparade Foundation
    Pfennigparade Foundation
    The Pfennigparade Foundation with its 13 subsidiaries is one of Germany´s largest rehabilitation centers for physical disabled persons and employs more than 1000 people. Especially for the health sector public relations as well as efficient marketing becomes more and more important. Pfennigparade manages ist digital content exclusively with eyebase. http://www.pfennigparade.de/
  • Ormed
    Ormed, leading company for medical engeneering, use eyebase mediasuite for their user manuals and image management.http://www.djoglobal.de/
  • Smith & Nephew
    Smith & Nephew
    Smith & Nephew specialises in medical prostheses and artificial joints. This eyebase installation implements both print-on-demand and an on-line store: a complete solution with currency conversion, automatic calculation of shipping costs and much more.http://www.smith-nephew.com/
  • Switzerland Tourism
    Switzerland Tourism
    The official marketing agency of the Swiss Board of Tourism has been established to promote Switzerland as a touristic destination for holiday bookings. Also Switzerland as a country with many important congresses and fairs is being made known worldwide. eyebase is being used as a backend for a hotel database automatically publishing pictures to portals.http://www.myswitzerland.com/
  • Verein Abo
    Verein Abo
    This innovative Vorarlberg company specializes in installation work and children´s playgrounds. Using eyebase mediasuite, Slideshows are create for the organisation´s website and product images / documents are managed.http://www.verein-abo.at/
  • ACE Controls International
    ACE Controls International
    This global leader in shock absorbers and hydraulic feed controls will use eyebase mediasuite for their user manuals and documentation.http://ace-ace.com/
  • iba Hamburg
    iba Hamburg
    In Hamburg the IBA organization is searching for answers on burning issues of modern cities. 70 projects have been development in Wilhelmsburg, Europe´s largest river island, on the Veddel and in the Harbor of Hamburg until 2013. IBA uses eyebase for marketing and PR agendas next to the general management of media data.http://www.iba-hamburg.de/
  • König Verbindungstechnik
    König Verbindungstechnik
    KVT is now running eyebase with 5 licences and 20 research licences.http://www.kvt-koenig.ch/
  • Borquin SA
    Borquin SA
    Swiss packaging professionals rely on eyebase.http://www.bourquinsa.ch
  • Brieger Verpackungen
    Brieger Verpackungen
    The Swiss packaging specialists rely on eyebase.http://www.brieger.ch/
  • Carbagas
    The Swiss gas provider installs eyebase company-wide for the management of media files.http://www.carbagas.ch/
  • ContiTech
    This specialist in plastics for the automotive industry manages its extensive media holdings with eyebase.http://www.contitech.at/
  • CreaBeton Materiaux
    CreaBeton Materiaux
    The Swiss concrete specialist is committed to enterprise-wide management of images and documents with eyebase, including a research client for 100 simultaneous users.http://www.creabeton-materiaux.ch/
  • Stadtwerk Winterthur
    Stadtwerk Winterthur
  • Giroflex
    The Swiss furniture giant Giroflex uses eyebase to manage all product images and information. Read the showcase to find out what this customer keeps in eyebase.http://www.giroflex.com/
  • W22 Studios
    W22 Studios
    W22 is a photographer, photographic studio, props rental and workshop agency. eyebase mediasuit is in use for image management and customer distribution and downloads.http://www.mietstudio-w22.at/
  • Graupner Modellbau (Model-Maker)
    Graupner Modellbau (Model-Maker)
    eyebase mediasuite at model-makers Graupner is put to use in the management of images and pre-press (including catalog production workflow).http://www.graupner.de/
  • DVS Verband
    DVS Verband
    The DVS occupational union is one more large organziation that trusts eyebase when it comes to managing and distributin digital media. 80 regional associations, 350 educational establishments and its own media house issuing many magazines and publications use eyebase to streamline their media workflow.http://www.die-verbindungs-spezialisten.de/
  • allnatura Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG
    allnatura Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG
    allnatura is a family run business with over 30 years of experience in the field of organic matresses and furniture. The high quality handcrafted products are locally produced and sold worldwide. allnatura uses eyebase for organizing their visual data and direct distributing of product pictures to the company website.http://www.allnatura.de/
  • Swiss Gymnastics Association
    Swiss Gymnastics Association
    The Swiss Gymnastics Federation has more than 300,000 members, 146,000 are active gymnasts . The office staff of 40 uses eyebase to manage all images of events of the Association.http://www.stv-fsg.ch
  • Nordwest Handel AG
    Nordwest Handel AG
    NORDWEST is one of the leading trading companies in the industrial B2B market. With 900 medium-sized trading companies as members, NORDWEST offers a large number of additional services alongside the procurement of goods and warehousing/logistics. eyebase is used toefficiently manage the companies media assets.http://www.nordwest.com/
  • Berlin Palace Humboldtforum Foundation
    Berlin Palace Humboldtforum Foundation
    The Berlin Palace–Humboldtforum Foundation is a non-profit organization, working closely with the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media. Following a resolution passed by the German Parliament, the Bundestag, it receives funding from the Federal Republic of Germany. Formed on 2 July 2009, the Foundation appointed its executive board on 1 November of that year. The Foundation is the commissioning body for the building of the Humboldt Forum within the façades of the Berlin Palace, shortly to be reconstructed, and will be the proprietor of the Forum. The Foundation provides information through events, traveling exhibitions, talks and publications on all aspects of the Humboldt Forum, and invites public discussion. The Foundation proves its quality-oriented approach in all areas through a certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008. http://www.sbs-humboldtforum.de/
  • Stadler
    These Swiss values have shaped and fostered our outstanding reputation. Building trains Stadler put reliability, flexibility and innovation into practice at 20 locations worldwide – and have done so since 1942. eyebase is used to support worldwide marketing efforts.